Chocolate Hummus In Time For Valentine's Day?

Breaking hummus news: THIS IS WEIRD!! Ha...for most of us 'hummus connoisseurs' ...there are PLENTY of delish flavors already out, to keep us satisfied...I'm a fan on the 'Hummus Quartet' with 4 flavors in one container, from Trader Joe's...its my #1 FAVORITE! (the tomato basil section ALWAYS goes 1st at my house...then the BEET HUMMUS was a fav til TJ's discontinued it!! Now I'm too afraid to order it from a random place on line but omg SO GOOD!! ALL the flavors we have are NORMAL and amazing...we have TONS OF this chocolate idea...SEEMS ODD! I have seen it sneakin in stores already...was a tad grossed out but I have NO TRIED IT and I LOVE to be proven wrong🙂 But one of our favorite store brands diving into the CHOCOLATE HUMMUS POOL just in time for Valentine's Day...thanks? Or no thanks? Hmmmm theirs is called a 'Dark Chocolate Dessert Dip & Spread'...and for fruit...that sounds yummy BUT STILL WEIRD! Are the hummus people expecting us to suddenly WANT to dip carrots and pita bread...INTO CHOCOLATE??!! Ok...I'll try it if u do and we'll check 

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