The Peloton x Beyonce Series Is Back To Empower And Gift Free Bikes!

Photo: Getty Images

Talk about a GREAT EXCUSE to get us OFF OUR BUTTS...Peloton featuring BEYONCE IMPOWERMENT!! Attention all Peloton enthusiasts...launching October 19th, the Peloton x Beyoncé Artist Series is back!!

This time, it will offer 17 classes over a three-day period with content streamed globally from Peloton Studios New York and the new Peloton Studios London to their 5.9 million members and then some. According to, this partnership will also 'explore the relationship between our inner and outer power, how we harness motivation and source our strength with inspiration from the world around us, and from within. Members will be motivated to expand their minds and challenge their bodies to the iconic Beyoncé tracks that make their inner power shine'. Ok, I'm getting fired up already, just READING THIS! I need to get a bike!!

Now the cool part about giving back....Beyoncé and Peloton will expand their social impact partnership by providing the fitness facilities of 10 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with Peloton Bikes this fall.

This initiative builds on Peloton and Beyoncé's shared commitment to provide access to best-in-class fitness, inspiring this generation of HBCU students to source their power, physically and mentally, through movement. What a great partnership indeed!!! More details here!

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