Miller Lite Selling Drinkable Beer Ornaments

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Beer lovers REJOICE!! Here comes the perfect gift for you to drink, enjoy and DECORATE your Xmas tree with! 😬🤪😅 Wait whaaaaat?? haa the video on the Miller lite twitter account, looks just like an SNL skit or something straight out of a Spencer's catalog! But this is REAL! Miller's new "Beernaments", yes, beer in small, round, ornament shaped sized cans are available in six packs to drink up! Then when done, hang that ON YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE for alllllllll to enjooooooy! 

According to Food & Wine, "Beernamnets" are not the first alcoholic ornaments (in 2019, a Scottish distillery even packaged Brussel sprouts gin in Christmas ornaments). But this is the first time Miller has created festive packaging for their lite beer, that's intended to be hung on a Christmas tree. Six-packs of these balls that are designed to "fit snugly" around 8-ounce cans of Miller Lite went on sale earlier this week exclusively at for $19.75 are already a HUGE HIT!! 

If you're able to snag some, BOTTOMS UP!! And early Merry Xmas! 

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