Adele Fans ANGERED As Vegas Residency Ticket RESALE Price Goes From 2k-30k!

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WOOOOWzers!! I mean, we knew it was gonna be BIG but geeeeeeez!! I'm not sure what that whole 'song-n-dance' with registering on a 'Verified Fan' with Ticketmaster was allll about...they made me feel like I at least HAD A CHANCE to buy tickets to see her for dare I say a 'RESONABLE' amount??? But alas, NO. To see our beloved Adele live in Vegas is going to cost us...COST LIKE ALOT!! I need proof...did ANYONE actually get tickets from that 'pre-sale' that sold out in seconds for 'Weekends With Adele' at the Caesars Palace in Vegas this Jan-April 2022?? Hmmmmm...I saw this story on TMZ...I, myself registered...I must have blinked and missed the email alerting about an actual on-sale because now it's just the usual BS...OVER-PRICED, JACKED UP PRICED TICKETS ON STUB HUB 😖😠🤮 I saw NOTHING on Ticketmaster, nothing 'left' and Stub Hub is once again, pre-pandemically laughing alllllllll the way to bank! It can't be ALL the people who genuinely purchased tickets for a reasonable amount, now selling them on Stub Hub for more than TRIPPLE?? (I know...I kind of knew as I typed that, that uh YES THEY ARE!) 😱😭😭😭

Nose bleeds at the Colosseum on Stub Hub seem to start at $1,300+fees I saw...its different for each night of each weekend of course...but the closer you want to get to will need 5k, 7k and some nights I saw for myself...packages up to 30+K!!!! COME ON!!! 🤬😡😤🤬

TMZ reported...

ADELE Fans Pissed With Vegas Resale Prices $2K-$35K A POP!!!

It's no surpriseAdele's Vegas show is a hot ticket, but it's hard to imagine anyone could have predicted just how expensive resale prices would be to see the singer live. The rollout for "Weekends with Adele" started this week -- a series of Friday/Saturday shows at Caesars Palace from January to April -- and fans were crazy to get their hands on tickets. Unsurprisingly, presales sold out within minutes, and tickets were quick to popup on resale services like StubHub and Ticketmaster. However, fans who didn't capitalize on the initial sale were pissed to see resale prices ... which ranged from $2k to $35k!!!

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