Vegas Is Calling....And I Couldn't Be More Ready

Over the weekend, I had the disctint pleasure of filming the first short film I've ever written! Under my production company, MMMade It Media, we teamed up with Chad Ridgely (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Murder Van, Massacre On Aisle 12) and Full Auto Films, to bring the story of a gentleman trying to break free from a nasty ex-wife with a trip with his buddy to Vegas, that turns out to be much more expensive than anticipated, yet helpful to local girls fallen on hard times.

We filmed at the NVisionate Studios in Burbank, CA with an incredible cast. Chad Ridgely plays John, the lead character going through a divorce, looking forward to a trip to Vegas with his buddy, Jay.

Chad Ridgely

I, Maggi Mayfield, play opposite Chad as the girl who plays Carly, his "get-over" girl.

Maggi Mayfield

Ben Sharples joined the cast as Jay, the loveable man's man, helping John break free from his ex.

Ben Sharples

And introducing, Alexandria Rossi as Sarah, who needs big sister Carly's help, even though she didn't ask for it.

Alexandria Rossi

The crew we had to work with was unbelievably talented! Jose Zambrano Cassella, (Cassadaga, Dead Story, The Lagoon) stepped in as cinematographer, Lamps Sampadinha as our sound recorder mixer, and Summer Sprott in Make Up/Hair. The footage is already beautiful and I can't wait to share it with you.

I also couldn't be more grateful for the talents of Maddison Bullock (ICE: The Movie, Power Lunch) and Shaun Fury for rounding out this incredible cast to make this short a hilarious, feel good story you won't forget!

Vegas Is Calling will be ready for the festival circuit in the fall.

Maggi Mayfield


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