NCAA Will Now Bring Back Tournaments to North Carolina

The NCAA will once again allow the state of North Carolina to host college sports championship events, after Gov. Roy Cooper (D) last week signed a compromise law to repeal HB2, the anti-transgender law otherwise known as the “bathroom bill.”

HB2, which became law in March 2016, barred cities and localities from enacting laws to protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and restricted public restroom access for transgender people. 

The compromise to repeal the law but put in place new provisions drew immediate criticism from LGBTQ groups in North Carolina and across the country because, they said, it still left room for discrimination against transgender people. “HB2.0,” as one North Carolina LGBTQ group dubbed the compromise, still prohibits cities from passing nondiscrimination ordnances to protect transgender or other LGBTQ people until the end of 2020, leaving major parts of the discriminatory law in place.