Mariah Carey Reveals How Many Men She's Been With In Her Life


So, Mariah Carey recently opened up about how many men she's been with! I read this article headline and I have to share. "Mariah Carey Reveals She's Only Been With 5 People In My Life": "I'm Kind Of A Prude."

I found this info to VERY interesting for two reasons. One, she's been married twice. First to Tommy Mottola and then to Nick Cannon, so there's two right there. There are three other men that she's slept with and I'm V interested as to who they are.


Let's also unpack the "I'm kinda a prude" comment. I think this is so cool that Mariah might be very emotionally attached after sex so she's guards and protects her heart. I find it to be smart and courageous.

I do believe some people can have unattached sex and that's good and dandy for them. But, for people that can't I think it's important to recognize that and take the steps to protect your heart.


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