Ryan, Sis and Tanya Check In on Their (Failed, Oops!) Resolutions


How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Not so well over here 😂 Ryan Seacrest, Sisanie and Tanya Rad checked in with each other on Wednesday, July 10, and neither of them lasted even half the year. 

With only a few months till 2020, the team decided they’ve given up on their resolutions. 

Sisanie vowed to drink her coffee black because she “wanted to cut the calories of putting milk in it,” while Patty Rodriguez vowed to wear false eyelashes everyday to start her day off “feeling more confident.” Tanya Rad opted to learn something new about sports every day, which, as she explained, has gone “terrible” since she still doesn’t know “anything about sports.”

As for Ryan? Well, watch back the funny on-air moment in the video above to find out if he made it! 

Did you stick to your New Year’s resolution? Sound off in the comments or on our social @OnAirWithRyan

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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