People Are Slamming Kendall Jenner & I Have Some Thoughts On The Issue


Have you seen Kendall Jenner's bottle cap challenge? She was SO baller on a jet ski, road right up to the bottle and boom off the cap flew.

But, now people are coming at Kendall and saying she was harming the planet by letting the top fall in the water.

Some of the messages include:

"Great more plastic in the ocean for a useless challenge."

"She put a bottle the ocean. Is it a bill the sea creatures challenges?"


You can see all the commotion on social media. It really got my feather in a wad. Obviously I am NOT in support of polluting our ocean and I hope she did find the cap and fish it out - we don't know that she didn't.

But, here's where I get heated. I bet 90% of the people slamming her on the internet never once did an ocean clean up or picked up trash in their neighborhood.

Everyone is so quick to like talk smack and get angry, but what they aren't doing is being proactive and helping the solution. I wish they were tweeting, "Disappointed Kendall left a cap in the ocean, I'm gonna go do some beach clean up this weekend - who's with me."

We can't just sit and complain, let's get to work!


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