Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union Are Beyond Goals


Dwyane Wade had the spotlight at the 2019 ESPY Awards! During his acceptance speech he praised his wife, the STUNNING, Gabrielle Union!

This couple married in 2014 and in his speech he said, "I cannot wait till five years from now until I get a chance to marry you again. It's gonna be a little lower budget than the first one, but it's all good."


I love a man that is so madly in love with his wife, nothing makes me happier. But, I thought OMG how cute is this! He's only been married five years and he'd already excited for year ten. Which lead me to question...

What's your take on renewing your vows? Do you think like one wedding and done? Or do you think it's sups cute to renew your vows at some point? Personally, I'm like WAY into the idea of renewing your vows every couple of years! Bring the romance back!

Let me know what you think on social, @TanyaRad ❤️


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