Channing Tatum Crashed This App After His Post On Instagram


Okay, so Channing Tatum took to Insta over the weekend to share his qualms with the astrology app The Pattern! This app is suppose too, "help you better understand yourself and connect with others on a deeper level."

Check out his post...


This rant apparently caused the app to crash, someone from the company commented on his post and said, "Hey Channing Tatum! Thanks for letting us know you planned on crashing our serves today...we'll be sliding into your DMs shortly."

So, the funny thing of this story is literally about a week ago my bestie Becca was telling me about this app and how freakishly accurate it is.

Obviously as an astute journalist I went to download this app myself! And what it told me about my relationship fears and my destiny were so spot on it was freaky!

Basically YOU need to download it. Also, you just need to know your name, where you were born and what time you were born!


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