Kelly Clarkson Has Some Fabulous Advice To Offer Taylor Swift


I feel like our girl Kelly Clarkson always has ALL the answers to our problems. Which is why she's swooped in to offer Taylor Swift a bit of what I think is FAB advice.

Now it's in regards to the saga between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun over her masters. Missed that story? Catch up on it HERE.

So, Kelly took to Twitter to share the advice, check it out...


I mean, how brilliant is this?! It does sound a little cray because can you imagine all the work to re-record those songs and figure out new art? But, it's actually been done before!

Def Leppard did this exact thing back in the 80s. the only thing that may be stopping Tay is the fact that most major-label contract specifically stipulate re-recording restrictions, disallowing any such re-records for year after the artist's deal expires.

Taylor's people better check the fine print on her contracts and see if this can be done! Good work Kelly. 👏👏👏


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