How to Vote for Ryan Seacrest for the Radio Hall of Fame


Get him to Chicago! Ryan Seacrest has been nominated to be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame and Sisanie and Tanya Rad are determined to get him the award! 

Seacrest, who has been working hard and made an impact in radio for decades, was nominated by listeners in the category Music Format On-Air Personality and you can help by voting daily now thru July 28th.

“It’s so nice to be included, I’m going to vote for myself,” Ryan joked on-air on Wednesday, July 17, adding that he’ll need the team’s help to win the award. 

“Tanya is the only one that’s won something on this show,” Ryan jokingly added, referring to Tanya and Scrubbing In podcast co-host Becca Tilley’s People’s Choice Award.

“If we really band together and do this, like, I’m telling you, we can totally do this,” Tanya weighed in, revealing she got fans involved when it came to voting daily for her People’s Choice Award.

SO! To vote for Seacrest, listeners nationwide can cast their vote via text at 877-370-VOTE (8683) by texting the message, 40, OR head to, where you can vote via email address. 

Watch back the on-air moment in the video above for more and remember VOTE NOW!

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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