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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day According to Your Zodiac Sign

Valentine's Day is in two days! Check out these date and gift ideas based off your sign:

· ARIES – Aries love the unexpected, so try for a surprise dinner or activity. For a gift: an at-home manicure set.

· TAURUS – Try a picnic in the park & plan every detail. For a gift: a waffle-knit robe

· GEMINI – Head to a speakeasy or a jazz bar! For a gift: make them a handwritten card with old movie stubs, and matches from the first restaurant you went to together.

· CANCER- A nice dinner out but get them home at a reasonable hour (be cognizant of their sleep schedule). For a gift: something for their home – new sheets, a candle, picture frame.

· LEO – Think karaoke, or a night out dancing. For a Gift: try a custom puzzle with a cute photo for max points.

· VIRGO – Whatever you plan have their favorite flowers and candies on hand. For a Gift: elevate one of their everyday items – like a new perfume.

· LIBRA – Decorating heart-shaped cookies with make them happy as a clam. For a Gift: a handwritten love letter.

· SCORPIO – A very romantic / dim-lit dinner, secluded as much as possible. For a Gift: a tarot card reading or an astrology book.

· SAGITTARIUS – A live performance will be a home run with a sag! For a Gift: a cooking lesson or an online cooking course.

· CAPRICORN – A glass of wine and a challenging card game is all they need to be content. For a Gift: a plant like a money tree to remind them they can be a boss and a caregiver.

· AQUARIUS – An early night so happy hour out and romance when you get home. For a gift: a homemade cake!

· PISCES – Dozens of candles, lining the hallways with roses, and a home-cooked meal! A Gift: a pair of shoes they’ve been eyeing.

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