Marcus & Corey

Marcus & Corey

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Is Happy Fat a Real Thing?

Not With A Dude!

This list of stuff guys are uncomfortable doing in front of another dude is stupid. Let's go over it and see how much of this stuff we've done.

You're Dying... AND I'm a Bad Lay???

You may have seen this headline going around the internet recently. I woman with months to live is asking her husband if she can sleep with her ex one last time. She's wrong for this! ...or is she?

Back in Time

What lessons have you learned that you wish you could go back in time and tell your younger self? Oh boy, how much time we got?

The Lies We Tell

What are those secrets you are keeping from your partner? People online are spilling some juicy ones, but somehow the discussion leads us to talk about all the people we know who are in open relationships?

Making Friends as an Adult

Making friends can be tough...especially as a busy adult with a job, kids and god knows what else. As the masters of everything, we're going to help you out.

An Idiots Guide to Valentine's (Love?) Day

Valentine's coming in hot. Are you ready? Do you care? Marcus still needs to figure out if this is at all a thing at his house, and his Corey going to thaw out Jason's cold heart when it comes to V day? Oh, also, don't use a Snickers bar like THIS, ok?

Life Saving Only Fans

She was just making those big bucks on Only Fans... she didn't mean to save someone's life!

Compost After Death

Would you want to be composted after you're gone? Your family could grow their garden with you! Sounds kinda cool but we have some questions...

The Strangest Place You Ever...

Where is the strangest place you ever... ya know... outside of the bedroom and the home? Car? Airport bathroom? Port-o-potty... wait what!?