Marcus & Corey

Marcus & Corey

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Life Saving Only Fans

Compost After Death

Would you want to be composted after you're gone? Your family could grow their garden with you! Sounds kinda cool but we have some questions...

The Strangest Place You Ever...

Where is the strangest place you ever... ya know... outside of the bedroom and the home? Car? Airport bathroom? Port-o-potty... wait what!?

Tips To Keep The Romance Alive, Or How To Get Laughed At?

We've got some "sexy" texts to send your partner while they are at work. Are these too corny though? Plus, how Corey, Marcus, and Jason try to keep the romance alive in their own relationships.

Marcus is Still Gonna Work After Winning $300 Million!?

What is wrong with this guy? ...and he's going to give Corey and Jason $10 million each? Dang! Mega Millions... what we would do with the money if we win.

Head of Household on Only Fans

19 year old Only Fans model gets kicked out of her parents house, makes one million bucks, then the parents come to live with her. Dream or nightmare?

Hot Cop IRL

Sandy fell in love with a magazine cover model... then found out he's real. She usually falls for stock images or those guys in picture frames at Target. Is there hope of an actual hook up on this one?

Get Street Smart

Marcus is the closest thing to the "streets" we have around here, so he's gonna drop some knowledge on how to survive out there.

Butt Hurt 2.0

Who is the best drunk? Who could survive the best in prison? Burning questions you have always wondered about the cast of the Marcus & Sandy show will be discussed in depth!

Gas For Better Love

Pro tip for all those coupled up out there: Don't hold in your gas. It's bad for your health. Not that passing gas in front of your partner is sexy, but there are ways to deal with this problem.