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Woman Says She's Banned On Bumble Because She's An Adult Performer

A few months ago Bunny Colby logged into Bumble, only to discover she had been permanently banned. The reason? Well, she's an adult performer, and the app says she was banned because of "commercial activity".

Something about this story isn't adding up though.

The story first broke on The Daily Beast and their review of screen shots from her Bumble account show a very tame presentation. In her bio Colby wrote, “Cat lady. Internet person. Nice people only. @BunnyColby.”

The photos on her Bumble profile, some of the same ones on her Instagram which are shown here, are pretty tame as well.

So why was Bunny banned? When she asked Bumble support to explain their ban, according to The Daily Beast article, this is what they wrote...

“Unfortunately, we can’t share specifics, but generally speaking commercial activity includes, but is not limited to seeking financial support, transactional activity, recruiting or soliciting for adult entertainment, selling/promoting any goods or services, or sharing links to any subscription-based services such as OnlyFans, ManyVids, Patreon, etc.”

Colby says that sex workers want to find love just like anyone else. She wasn't selling any "services" on her Bumble profile, or ever in fact. She never linked any subscription based service on her profile. She's an adult film actress, who also happens to be looking for a connection via dating apps.

For more on this story check out the full coverage at The Daily Beast.

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