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Couple Catches "Ghost Bride" On Their Security Camera

It was around 3am when Darren Pallister check the security cam inside the house he shares with his wife Jessica Mason. He says what he saw nearly rocked him out of bed.

Many believe the images he was able to capture on his camera shows a young woman wearing a wedding dress. The images were captured at 12:34am early last month, and Darren insists that his wife Jessica was fast asleep.

Watch the video to see the image...

"I was scrolling down through the motion notifications and I nearly fell off the bed when I saw it. I thought, 'That's mad,' and I woke Jessica up and showed it to her. She couldn't explain it either.

"It couldn't have been [Jessica] because she was asleep and it looks like she's got a bit of a fringe to her and Jess doesn't. Some mates were messing around and saying it's Jess, but I can guarantee it's not. The clothing looks off-the-shoulder and she hasn't got any pyjamas like that either.

"The next day I started messing with the contrast and sharpness on my iPhone and when I did you could really see the face coming through and that's when I knew it was a person."

"Ever since we moved into this house we've said you can feel like there's something there. I find it hard to say because I've never believed in anything like that.

"Jess will go to bed and I'll be playing on the PlayStation and I'll feel like there's somebody sitting in the living room with me.

"You can get a dead sweet smell as well. No sooner as you breathe in and out, it's gone. It's like a perfume. Sometimes I've thought it's a wax melt, but then none of them are turned on."

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