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Sandy Talks To Ali Khan- Host Of "Spring Baking Championship!"

What an absolute JOY it was talking with Food Network's Ali Khan! He is hosting the brand new season of "Spring Baking Championship", premiering February 22nd on the Food Network and Discovery +!

In this interview, we discuss SO many things....we started off with how we first "met", his love for tacos and delicious meats, and how Zoom is keeping us young and relevant. Here are some other key points (and time marks) throughout the interview!

05:00- Why he LOVES hosting "Spring Baking Championship"

09:12- does the show work?

10:49 Ali discusses a live Zoom class he took with the Oregon Berry Farmers and how his baking "accident" turned into a success!

13:33 How the pandemic has helped him cook more at home and broaden his palette!

16:00 That "one time" he set off the smoke alarm in his WHOLE building and 2 firetrucks showed up.....

Again- an absolute JOY. Such a fun, cool and down to earth dude! Follow him online -@AliKhanEats- and make sure to check out Season 7 of "Spring Baking Championship" Monday nights on The Food Network and Discovery +!

Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

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