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The Grub Up: Perfect Chicken Pot Pie With Marcus and Chef Matt Beaudin!

If you spend any time in the kitchen, you know that food is love. Food evokes memories and emotions and those are the kinds of things that keep us going back to our favorite dishes. This week on the podcast, Monterey Bay Aquarium Executive Chef Matt Beaudin returns and gives us a real gem: his mom's chicken pot pie recipe. From the creamy sauce filled with hearty and healthy ingredients to the crispy crust, this is a tried-and-true game-winner that really exemplifies "cooking with love."

We also talk about what YOU can do to help the Aquarium thrive during the coronavirus pandemic to make sure it's open and operational when restrictions get lifted. The animals need you! Please donate today!

Listen now, and scroll down for the recipe.

Chef Matt Beaudin's Mom's Chicken Pot Pie


1 Each 2.5/3.5 #Chicken or Cornish Hen

2 Sprigs Fresh Thyme

4 Leaves Fresh Sage 

2 Bay Leaves

1 Large Onion Chunked

1 Bunch Celery Chunked

4 Large Carrots Chunked 

4 Large Cloves of Garlic Crushed

3 Quarts Water 

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Pot Pie Filling:

1 Bag Frozen Cooked Pearl Onions 

2 Cups Green Peas

2 Cups Small Diced Carrot

2 Cups Small Diced Celery 

1 Cup Quartered Cremini Mushrooms 

3/4 Cup Butter 

3/4 Cup Flour

1.5 Cups Milk 

1 FreshPieDough Rolled to 1/4 inch Thick 

Salt and Pepper to Taste


Making Your Broth:

  1. Season your hen with salt, pepper, and oil.
  2. When your hen is seasoned roast it at 350 degrees uncovered until Golden Brown all over approximately 30-45 Minutes (depending upon the hen size this may cook it through although not necessary.)
  3. When the hen has been roasted move it as well as any pan drippings into a Large pot adding the remainder of the broth ingredients.
  4. When all broth ingredients are in the pot put it on the stove over medium to high heat for 1 hour stirring regularly. After one hour remove thepotand strain (Reserving the Broth AND Meat. Let the cooked meat chill and pull or cut into bite-sized pieces.

Making Your Pot Pie Base:

  1. Melt you butter In a Sautee Pan over Medium Heat.
  2. When butter has melted add carrots, celery, onions, and mushrooms and cook over medium heat until mushrooms have released their water and the onions are cooked through.
  3. Once Vegetables have cooked sprinkle flour over them and stir to combine ( this will form your roux that will thicken the base)
  4. When flour has turned light brown remove your pan from the heat and stir in your milk ( a whisk will help a lot). Your milk will thicken and once it has add 4 Cups of the hen broth one cup at a time returning the pot to the stove to boil and whisk between each cup to desired consistency.
  5. Once your filling has reached the desired consistency remove it from the heat add your peas and chicken. Chill filling overnight if possible but not necessary..


  1. Fill your pie container (glass or tin) just below the edge as it will bubble over when cooking.
  2. Unroll your pie crust over the top making sure to cover the edges and crimp with your fingers to create a seal. Poke holes in the top of the crust to allow the steam to escape and create a crispier topping.
  3. Cook until Crust is golden brown and the center of the pie is 165, Enjoy immediately!

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