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Marcus & Corey Want To #SaveFosterCityGeese - How You Can Help

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Foster City is moving forward with a plan to kill 100 geese who they say are a nuisance. We would like you to join us in urging the Foster City city council to rethink their plan.

The city says the abundance of goose droppings are an annoyance and health risk. While this is understandable, the option to kill these innocent animals is appalling. According to In Defense of Animals in San Rafael,

Foster City plans to kill geese while at their most vulnerable, which is when they molt and can't fly. This is from mid-June through the end of July. Geese and goslings are often placed in mobile gas chambers, a particularly cruel and painful method of killing high-flying migratory birds who are used to dramatic differences in air pressure. The gassing process simultaneously burns and freezes their lungs for up to 45 minutes before their so-called "humane" death.

So, how can you help? Start by contacting the Foster City Mayor and city council members by phone, email, and social media.

Please remember to be professional, respectful, and polite. We do not want to antagonize these people, we want to make our voices heard and save these innocent creatures.

Foster City Mayor Richa Awasthi - (650) 286-3504 -- Twitter Facebook Email:

Foster City Council - (650) 577-0983 -- Twitter Email:

Foster City Vice Mayor and Councilmember Jon Froomin - (650) 286-3502 -- Facebook Email:

Foster City Councilmember Sanjay Gehani - (650) 286-3505 -- Email:

Foster City Councilmember Sam Hindi - (650) 286-3503 -- Twitter Email:

Foster City Councilmember Patrick Sullivan - (650) 286-3501 -- Facebook Email:

And post about it yourself on social media! Use the hashtag #SaveFosterCityGeese

Here is an extensive and informative article regarding the truth behind goose roundups, and the humane options for collecting goose poop.

Please join us and #SaveFosterCityGeese

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