Emma Stone Says She Had 'Envelope' The Whole Time...

Beatty told millions of people watching the Oscars' that he mistakenly called out La La Land as the Best Picture winner before it went to Moonlight because he had the wrong envelope in his hand. That envelope, he said, "said 'Emma Stone, La La Land.'"

He explained someone had mistakenly handed him the envelope for Stone's Best Actress win, which she'd accepted just moments before.

But minutes later, Stone had a very different version of events. Speaking with reporters backstage, she lavished Moonlight with praise, then said:

"I also was holding my Best Actress in a Leading Role card that entire time. So whatever story ... I don't mean to start stuff, but whatever story that was, I had that card. So I'm not sure that happened. And I really wanted to talk to you guys first."

Thoughts? Could there have been TWO 'Best Actress' cards accidentally printed or was it all a cover up for a huge mistake... Maybe we will never know but it seems super fishy!!