This Old, Classic Candy May Be Discontinued Forever...

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Did you eat this Necco Wafters as a kid or maybe they're still your favorite? Well you better get them quick because they may be gone forever soon! 

After 171 years, Necco Wafers may be discontinued! They might not be the most tastiest candy BUT the real fans are worried! The New England Confectionery Co. revealed that it was having trouble finding a buyer while financially struggling. The Boston Globe reported 'that the company might have to lay off most of its workforce — including its executives — if they don't find a buyer by summer.'

According to TODAY, "As interest (and fear) spikes, speculators are now trying to drive up the price of all Necco products (including their Sweethearts Conversation Hearts) on sites like eBay, where some optimistic sellers are hoping their sweet hauls will fetch $300.  An individual roll of wafers usually sells for about $1, but speculators are nearly doubling that. (Which is silly, since they're still available on Amazon for their usual $1 per roll price, plus shipping.)"

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