SF Mayor Plans To Increase City's Budget For Street Cleaning

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

SF Mayor Plans To Increase The City’s Budget For Street Cleaning By $12.8 million, and we sure do need it.

According to NBC Bay Area News...

Among other things, Farrell’s office announced Wednesday that the upcoming two-year budget will include:

  • Five more staffed city pit-stop toilet sites and longer hours at the five locales that already exist.
  • Forty-four new staffers for cleaning duties, four per each SF district.
  • One additional street cleaning schedule just for the SoMa neighborhood, operating five days a week.
  • $3.4 million worth of new equipment for Public Works cleanups.

Mayor Farrell told the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit “Last year, I stepped on a needle on my way back to city hall.  I went back and made sure it didn't pierce through my shoe and it didn't...I’m sick and tired – as I believe residents of San Francisco are.”

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He's right, just walking on the streets of SF has become dangerous.  Plus is unsanitary and disgusting... Now the city is looking to hire people do help clean up the SF streets. 

Have you stepped by or on a needle in SF? 

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