Katy Perry Extends LITERAL Olive Branch to Taylor Swift

Could it be that one fo the biggest conflicts in history has been solved during our lifetime? NO, we aren't talking about the relationship between North and South Korea BUT we are talking about Pop goddesses Katy Perry and Taylor Swift! That's right, it looks like the long feud, which started a few years ago, is finally over! Fans captured some video from Taylor's Instagram in which she showcased a package she got from Katy Perry. The package apparently included an actual olive branch as a symbol of Katy's desire for peace! Check out the video below:

“Hey Old Friend — I’ve been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and hurt feelings between us,” Perry, 33, wrote in the partially obscured letter, in which she also wrote she was “deeply sorry” and wanted to clear the air"

Taylor responded to the gesture by captioning her post "Thank You Katy! ❤️"

Do you think the feud is really over?

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