This couple has gone SIX WEEKS without a shower!

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Kit Whistler, 30, and J.R. Switchgrass, 31, met at school in from Florida and  have now been living in their camper van since 2012 and traveling across America! 

Their journey is remarkable! They have already been across America eight times, crossing over into Mexico, Canada, and they have already visited 50 of America's 58 National Parks!

And while you can follow their picture perfect life on social media, they insist that it isn't a fairytale all the time.  Kit said, 'This is no vacation. This is our life, We work, we play, we laugh, we cry. We fight badly and one of us sleeps outside in the tent'!

Check out their adventure below! 

Every spring, we celebrate Gearvalanche Day. What’s a #gearvalanche, you ask? Well, it’s the gigantic stuff-vomit that occurs when you take all your belongings out of your house. - On that day, which actually isn’t really celebrated, but rather dreaded by JR and I both, we drive out onto a piece of remote land, spread our stuff out on the ground, and reevaluate each item we own, asking if any one of JR’s 4 shirts, or any one of my drawer-full of books still belongs in here, if each spoon and fork and plate is worth carrying every day, 365 days a year. - Because we travel with everything we own (and I mean that literally. All of our belongings are in here with us), we are incredibly choosy about what we let stay. And (this is where things get complicated) JR and I are also extremely opinionated about which items are appropriate to own. AND—you guessed it—we often don’t agree about what makes the cut. You bet there was a fair amount of arguing this year on Gearvalanche Day. After rounds of negotiation, some pitiful pleading, and more tears than I’d like to admit, I wound up a few books lighter, Sunshine lost 20 pounds of random stuff and—surprise surprise—JR still owns a total of 4 shirts. #gearvalanche - #vanlife #vanlifediaries #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlifers #vanlifecommunity #lifeontheroad #campervan #tinyhouse #tinyliving #camperlife #homeonwheels #thisisvanlifeing #reformlife #tinyhousetinyfootprint #tinyhome

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When we were 17 years old, J.R. and I swam out to a wrecked sailboat in the Caribbean sea. - The boat had crashed into a reef, and its remnants bobbed in the turquoise waters of the Bahamas, abandoned. We explored the shipwreck for hours, diving under the mast with cheap goggles, beside parrotfish and barracuda and slimy rotting wood. We perched on the boat's old wooden beams and wiped the stinging salt water from our eyes. - Right there, we promised eachother we'd grow up to be pirates. Anywhere else it would've seemed silly, but there in the wreckage, barnacles scratching our calves, no promise could've been more pure. We made a pact that together we'd set out, no rules, and wander the mysteries the world held for us. - Today I remember our high school longing to see the world. And here we are, Pirates of the land. With vision and love, any young dream can come true. - April 2015 - Florida #5yearsofidletheory - #globetrotters #travelcouple #roamtheplanet #vanlife #vanlifediaries #projectvanlife #campvibes #hippiespirits #hippie_world #vanlifemagazine #worldnomads #traveltheglobe #doyoutravel #homeiswhereyouparkit #latebay #transporter #thediscoverer #campingvibes #ourcamplife

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Inside this backpack, tucked snug in a safe pocket, is a field guide to birds, each species I've encountered in the wild circled by blue felt pen. In the grouse section, somewhere near page 235, there’s a Polaroid picture of our first night sleeping in Sunshine, 2008. - There's a handkerchief I found trailside in the Grayson Highlands, my first backpacking trip. A notebook crammed with half-conscious thoughts; a dream journal lined with lucidity. There's a deer tooth, I chiseled from a skull that I swear spoke to me in the Sierras. - Stories, there are stories woven into each item we carry with us, and that is even more true when we carry those items 20, 30, 50 miles into the wilderness. - August 2016 - Montana #5YearsofIdleTheory - 📸: supported by @hydroflask #unexpectedrefreshment #freedomfromlukewarm - #optoutside #rei_1440project #hikelife #peoplewhohike #takethetrail #wilderness_culture #dametraveler #sheexplores #bpmag #theoutdoorfolk #choosemountains #girlgetoutside #likeamountaingirl #forceofnature #ourwild #peoplewhohike #hikingadventures

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Marcus and Sandy

Marcus and Sandy

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