SF's Dirty Streets Are Causing Conventions To Find New Host City

Photo Credit: Getty Images

A large medical convention that has been coming to San Francisco since the 1980s is looking for a new 'host city' due to the homeless and dirty streets in SF, according to San Francisco Travel.  San Francisco and all the businesses that are touched by tourism dollars when the big conventions come in town are really nervous about the amount of money that will be lost. 

According to KRON4 "San Francisco's biggest industry is tourism. It brings in $9 billion a year, creates 80,000 jobs, and generates more than $725 million in local taxes.  Conventions represent about $1.7 billion of the industry."

KRON4 explained SF Travel does not want to name the five-day trade show that draws 15,000 attendees and pumps about $40 million into the local economy because they are hoping to lure them back in the future. The convention told SF travel "that they loved the city, but post-convention surveys revealed their members were afraid to walk the streets amid the open drug use, threatening behavior and mental illness that are common on the streets."

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