Bride Flips Out Because Guests Won't Pay $3,000 To Attend Wedding

Destination weddings can be a tricky thing, at least for this bride who tried to have her guests pay $3,000 each! According to the bride's Facebook status, she was upset that only nine out of 150 invited guests had RSVP-ed to her destination wedding in Thailand.

Not only that but it seems like the bride threatened to uninvite and unfriend them on Facebook for not RSVP-ing! Apparently, the bride and groom were willing to change the location after several guests expressed concerns about the price of getting to the wedding. Sadly, the new $2,000 price tag for the location switch still only got seven RSVP's.

 Check out the screenshots here. Would you consider having the same type of wedding?

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

Credit: Getty Images