10 Things Dads Need To Do ASAP To Get Lucky With Their Wives

Being married is a lot of work, if you add kids into that then there's even less of a guarantee that you'll get some quality, sexy time with your spouse! Odds are that by the time you get the kids to bed and sit down to relax, you're wife won't be as interested in getting in as much as you are. I mean, give the woman a break! Working and taking care of the kids (and let's be honest, sometimes the hubby can be a big kid that needs to be taken care of) is a draining thing! But no worries, we've come across some very helpful information to help you get lucky and in general, become a better husband/spouse. Check out the 10 things dads need to do if they want to get lucky with their wives tonight here!

I mean, they can't all be John Legend.

Credit: Getty Images