Mom Arrested For Allowing 10-year-old Son to Be Tattooed

We all wanted/want cool parents that understand us and will support us in whatever decisions we make right? That's definitely what this 10-year-old from Ohio got after his mom let him get a tattoo! 

The mom, Nikki Dickinson, who is 34, probably ended up regretting putting the whole process on FB which is how she ended up getting caught!

The story actually gets a little crazier because it turns out the tattoo artist who did the job is only 16 himself and ended up being charged in Juvenile Court for violation of the state's “safety and sanitation standards.” An investigator noted that “it is believed” the unlicensed Richardson gave another client a tattoo “which turned into a MRSA infection.”

Check out pics of the tattoo over at The Smoking Gun.

Maybe Dickinson watched "Mean Girls" one too many times?