Texting Turn-Offs....Do These Things Bother YOU?

Have you ever had a flirty conversation fizzle out? Maybe you were sending some of these off-putting text messages! 

A new study by Match.com figured out a lot of stuff about what people are turned off by when they're carrying on a text thread with a (possible) significant other. 

Some of the stuff is obvious but did you know that 39% of single people believe it is possible to use TOO many emojis? 

The study also found that the most off-putting emojis:

  1. The poo face, 26 percent
  2. The aubergine, 17 percent
  3. The devil smiling, eight percent
  4. The arm muscle, eight percent
  5. The stick-out-tongue wink face, six percent

Check out the rest of the results, which include the top 5 emojis used to flirt, and six things that might turn your date off in the early stages of the courtship here.  

Credit: Getty Images/Giphy