The Worst Time of Day To Drink A Cup Of Coffee!

Are you ready for some science? Are you ready for some coffee? Well, we've got your coffee science right here! 

Ever wonder what the best time to drink your coffee during a busy workday is? Well, the experts have spoken and their findings might surprise you. The article (which you can read in its whole scientifically worded glory here) isn't specific but they did say this: 

"Your blood cortisol levels are highest between half an hour and two hours after waking and when your cortisol is peaking, it's the worst time to drink coffee because caffeine mimics the stress response and causes your cortisol levels to rise even further,' she said. 

By drinking your coffee later in the morning when cortisol levels have lowered, people will go without the feeling of anxiety that can arise from drinking coffee."

Now go enjoy that third cup of Joe!

Credit: Getty Images