Mom Arrested For Sneaking Alcohol Into Child's Sippy Cup At Movies

It's another case of parents behaving badly! 

A mother in Atlanta is facing charges for misdemeanor reckless conduct AND public intoxication after it was discovered she snuck alcohol in a movie theater using her kid's sippy cup and then proceeding to get drunk in the theater! 

Police allege that Kristina Gibson was caught up after complaints that her 5-year-old was crying during the film got the attention of theater staff. 

Gibson wasn't only drunk though! Apparently she had also taken a central nervous depressant which resulted in her being "unable to walk, talk or care (for her child)”!

Luckily theater employees stopped the bad situation from getting worse by stopping Gibson from driving away after she attempted to drive her and her child of while intoxicated! You can check out her mugshot here.

Credit: Wikicommons