SF Woman Asks For Stand-In Boyfriend On Yelp

These days you can get ANYTHING and everything you want on the internet and this lady is going to take full advantage of that!

We recently came across this post on Yelp where a woman in the Bay Area is looking for a boyfriend to rent! That's right, the post was posted in the Local Questions and Answers section of the sight and reads as follows:

"As the title says, does anyone know if there's any of these kinds of businesses here in the bay area?  Yes, it's come down to this.  I'm out of options and have an event coming up where I need some eye candy to be on my arm because of so much scrutiny over myself.Everybody expects someone to lead a certain life and I feel I need to live up to expectations.  Cliche, I know.  I'm mainly looking for a really well put together type of man who looks like he jumped out of a magazine.  Tall. Hot.  Nice Hair, nice body.  Enough said.  Money for one day well spent.In the back of my head, I have that scenario.  Ya know the movie where Debra Messing falls in love with hot rent a date guy.  They end of happily ever after.  Not really.  But really.suggestions?"

Naturally, people are responding in several different ways, you can check out their responses on Yelp here.

Credit: Getty Images/Giphy