Study Shows People Who Put Up Christmas Decorations Earlier Are HAPPIER

If you've been to the mall over the last few years you might of noticed the trend of Christmas decorations going up the day after Halloween, some people might think this is too soon while others can't get enough of that holiday flare. 

Well, it looks like there's something to be said about the ladder because a new study found that people who put up their Christmas/Holiday decorations up early are actually happier people!

The study also found that not only does having the decorations up sooner make you happy but people's perception of you is also more favorable. 

Steve McKeown, psychoanalyst and founder of MindFixers, told UNILAD: “Decorations are simply an anchor or pathway to those old childhood magical emotions of excitement. So putting up those Christmas decorations early extend[s] the excitement!”

You can read more about the study here, meanwhile, we'll be untangling our Christmas lights. 

Credit: Giphy