Dogs Accidentally Starts Housefire Trying to Get CAKE.

Some cake lovin' dogs in Oklahoma City are being credited with starting a fire inside a single story home.

The fire department classified the cause of the fire as an accident because the pooches were just trying to get to some delicious cake sitting on the electric stove. 

The large dogs jumped up to the kitchen range and in the process ended up turning it on. The cake was in a plastic container and it caught on fire.

There's an estimated $5,000 loss from the fire and although the dogs didn't get their cake luckily nobody was hurt. 

Maybe they can make their own cake like this funny dog.

OKC Fire released the following public education note after the incident:

"Combustible items (anything that can burn) should never be placed/stored on the stovetop. All such items (paper towels, hand towels, mail, newspapers, etc.) should be kept at least three feet away from the stovetop to prevent fires such as this one."

Also, we're sure the owners couldn't be too mad at their four-legged friends. 

Credit: YouTube/Giphy