"Rage Rooms"- Would You Pay Money To Smash Stuff?

Do you ever feel like you want to punch someone or something? Do you have $80 to spare? Then we've got the perfect experience for you!

The Wrecking Club is a rage room in New York City, meaning New Yorkers (or tourists) can get in there and break stuff after you pay the $80 fee for 30 minutes. Although the Wrecking Room was the first Rage Room in New York, there are now several in Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, and Las Vegas. 

Some people use it as a fitness routine (think about it as anti-yoga) 

Check out some of the pics of some enthusiast of breaking stuff. 

Who hasn't wanted to smash up a room a la Kelly Clarkson in the "Since U Been Gone" video? or wanted to burn some of your ex's clothes like Christina Aguilera in "Not Myself Tonight"?

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