Bride Admits To "Fattening Up" Bridal Crew So She'd Look Better

An Australian bride has admitted to fattening up her bridal party, which included two sisters!

The woman, Penny, has always thought her sisters, Maggie and Charlie, were much prettier than her so she made sure that they wouldn't steal any of her shine on her wedding day. 

Penny even pulled a page from the Mean Girls playbook by offering her sisters "slimming smoothies" that were chalk full of "mega-weight gain protein powder"! It also looks like the trick worked because both her sisters had to have their bridesmaid's dresses let out before the wedding.

'These are going to be on display in my home forever – I don’t want to be reminded until my last day on earth that I was the plain sister,' she said.

'I set about making sure my sisters looked as ordinary as possible on my big day – well, as much as I could without being totally obvious about it.'

She says she feels guilty every now and then but is mostly proud of herself. 

Credit: Getty Images/Giphy

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