Man Fakes Amnesia To Avoid "Nagging" Mother In Law

Sometimes one of the toughest parts of being in a marriage is dealing with the in-laws, but this man sure did go to some extreme lengths to get away from his "nagging" mother in law! 

A 52-year-old Italian man was found wandering around Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland claiming to have amnesia! The 52-year-old Salvatore Mannino admitted to faking a case of amnesia cause he couldn't deal with his mother in laws nagging ways!

"I did it to get away from my nagging mother-in-law. I never lost my memory. I wanted to show my family I was important to them. I wanted to regain my position as a husband and father as I felt my mother-in-law had taken that from me."

Scotish authorities found him at the St. Giles Cathedral and later found out that Mannino had Googled things like "how to disappear" and "how to fake memory loss" before he disappeared from his native Pisa in Italy. He was presumed missing since mid-September and had left behind $12,000 for his family, who he was basically abandoning. 

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