Study Shows Vegetarians Are More Miserable Than Meat-Eaters

Have you ever heard that someone is a vegetarian and found yourself being slightly jealous of the willpower it takes to "make better choices" when it comes to health? Well, don't worry because it seems like the health benefits vegetarians get might not outweigh the mental baggage being a vegetarian brings.

A study found that vegetarians might not be as "psychologically well adjusted". 

Researchers split 400 carnivores, semi-vegetarians and vegetarians into three groups and had them record their feelings over the course of a night.

The vegetarian group displayed the most negative feelings, weren't as social and had a lower self-esteem than meat-eaters. As if that wasn't enough, vegetarians are also more likely to be depressed and unsatisfied!

So what are some of the causes?

Vegetarians feel pressure to be morally better than meat-eaters because of the way society works them and this might also lead to feelings of feeling ostracized by society. 

You can read more about the study here.

Credit: Getty Images/Giphy