Woman Is Professional "Spooner"- Makes $26K A Year

Do you love cuddling? Would you pay to cuddle with someone? Or, even better, can you imagine getting paid to cuddle like this woman from Colorado!?

Kassandra Brown, 44 is from Colorado and she charges $100 per 90-minute sessions. Kassandra has been able to earn up to $22,000 a year lying in bed doing what she loves to do the most.

Brown says that she realized how important touch is to a person's development after having her first child. 

'When I found out there was a way to give people this human need, whilst getting paid for it and making a full-time job out of it, I knew I had to go for it.' 

Brown descibes a 90-minute session like this:

 'I welcome clients into my cuddling space which has a queen sized mattress on the floor and a twin sized daybed couch.

'A few simple pictures, a window, and a table complete the room. It doesn't look like a traditional bedroom but everything is soft, warm, and inviting for cuddles.'


Brown insists that the cuddle sessions are in no way sexual, she just loves cuddling.

You can read more about Brown and her fledgling career, and view pictures here.  

You can also check out a video explaining why people cuddle professionally below:

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