Actress Has Her Bridal Party All Wear Their Wedding Dresses Too!

Audrey Moore has taken unconventional roles in shows like "Godless" and "Better Call Saul" so having an untraditional wedding should come at no surprise. Even though we weren't shocked by what she did, we are still in awe. Instead of her bridesmaids wearing the standard matching same-colored dresses, Audrey wanted to do things a little different for her girls.

Audrey's bridesmaids all got to wear their wedding dresses too! She told Buzzfeed News about her decision:

"We really wanted our wedding to really represent ourselves, our sense of humor, our creativity, and also not just celebrate ourselves but marriage in general as a choice."

This is an amazing idea that we definitely get should get to wear your wedding dress more than once! Here's her bridal party: