Bay Area City Makes List Of Most Stressed In The Country

Sometimes the fast pace of the Bay Area leads to a lot of stress. We have the cost of living, the traffic, work, kids, it never ends.

Would it make you feel any better to know that in a recent study, our largest city, San Francisco, did not top of the list of most stressed?

Number 1... Los Angeles.

Los Angeles skyline

Los Angeles skyline

According to a poll of more than 3,000 residents from LA, New York, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, and San Francisco, 76 percent of those living in the LA say they feel "somewhat" stressed every single day. Residents of LA say they can only go for 10 and a half days before needing to get away for a break from it all.

The rest of the list ranked as follows...

New York, 72 percent report daily stress

Chicago, 65 percent

Miami, 64 percent

Dallas, 48 percent

San Francisco, 44 percent

So look on the bright side... be thankful you are able to call of one of the least stressed major metropolitan areas of the country home!