Mom Shocked After Her 2 Year Old's Cake Say "Loser"

Missouri mother Melin Jones was in a rush when she picked up the birthday cake she had ordered her 2 year old daughter from Wal-Mart. She had asked the bakery to write "Happy Birthday Lizard" on the cake... the little toddlers nickname. It wasn't until she got home that the mother noticed the cake said something completely different. "Loser"

“I was a little shocked, but after a few seconds, I couldn’t stop laughing,” Jones, told People Magazine.

She says she initially shared the photo on Facebook last year, but didn't want to get the Wal-Mart employee in trouble, so she deleted it. She reposted the story and photo a few weeks ago.

Don't worry. Little "Lizard" can't yet read, and has no idea what a "Loser" is. The parents were just having a little bit of fun with the Facebook photo. They picked up another cake that said "Happy Birthday Elizabeth" and celebrated her birthday properly the next day.