Sandy's FULL Interview With Whitney Thore From TLC!

Okay, it is SURREAL to even know this happened! I've been a huge fan "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" ever since it came on on TLC. I've always wanted to meet it's star, Whitney Thore; as I think she is a FABULOUS human being and beyond inspirational. And this June at the No Barriers Summit in Lake Tahoe, I DID! In this video we discuss just about EVERYTHING, from how her show started, to loving/hating your body, dealing with negative comments,her healthy journey and so much more. I’ve time-stamped some of our topics below if you’d like to jump to specific points, and also included Whitney's IG where she ALSO posted some of the interview!! Thank you so much for watching! PLEASE share this blog/video if you feel inspired!

Interview Time Stamps:

:50 How do you “get out of your head” while dancing?

2:43 We discuss how powerful it is to be happy in your body NOW

3:38 I asked Whitney if there was one moment in particular that made her want to change, or a culmination of things

7:25- We talked about how “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” started

10:00- How do you deal with all the mean comments, online and in person?

12:40- We talked about negative comments that are supposed to be “helpful.”

16:25- We talk about Whitney’s message of being a body-positive activist and self-love advocate.

18:42 We talk about how you can’t just instantly “love yourself”. It’s not a switch.

22:40 Whitney talks about her current workout routine and how you can join her!

-Sandy (@SandyStec on IG, Twitter and IG)