Marin & San Mateo County Most Expensive Place To Raise A Family

Yup, it's expensive to live in the Bay Area. We know...

A new study has released the top ten most expensive places to raise a family, and the Bay Area makes the top three. New York is the only other state to appear in the top ten.

Top Ten Most Expensive Places To Raise A Family:

San Mateo County, CA

Marin County, CA

San Francisco Country, CA

Nassau County, NY

New York County, NY

Suffolk County, NY

Putnam County, NY

Rockland County, NY

Queens County, NY

Westchester County, NY

The monthly cost of living for a family of four in San Mateo County is $13,024, with the annual family income around $117,300 and monthly childcare costs coming in at $1,787.

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