Marcus & Sandy's Weekend Wrap Up Pics

Another fun filled weekend for the members of the morning show! Scooters, family, Legos, culture, and more!

Sandy was in Sacramento for a photo shoot, and she met up with her friend Pacey, rented some scooters, and hit the streets.

Here's a double header for Marcus. He had family over at his house all weekend, so he sat down with the kids to get some quality Lego time in.

PLUS, and this is a big one for Marcus, he got some time in with Mavericks surfing legend Jeff Clark at the Half Moon Bay Fish & Fleet Festival. This guy is like, Marcus' idol! Jeff said he loves the Marcus and Sandy show. Cute!

My in-laws came over to watch our 1 year old, so my wife and I went to the deYoung Museum in San Francisco to see the Ed Hardy exhibit. It was really good!

Here's a Sandy bonus for you... She performed at Comedy Day in Golden Gate park and had an amazing time. Read the caption!