Latest Updates On PG&E Outages This Weekend

Power Pole

Power Pole

When will this end?

Here is the latest on the current and upcoming PG&E outages.

Yesterday just as PG&E was giving the all clear for the counties that were hit with small outages on Wednesday, they were announcing a new set out outages set for Saturday.

According to ABC7 News...

...the North Bay, East Bay and the Peninsula could be impacted due to extreme weather conditions expected over the weekend.

"We do think that it will be the strongest off shore wind event this season by a large margin," a Scott Strenfel, PG&E meteorologist, said. "And if models are correct, possibly the strongest offshore winds that we've seen in years."

...residents in Sonoma County, Napa County and Marin County have reported receiving alerts about possible shutoffs starting as soon as Saturday.