So "Days Of Our Lives" IS Still On The Air??

Okay so fun fact: my mom has been watching "Days of Our Lives" since the show STARTED 50+ years ago! She introduced me to it when I was little, and I loosely still follow it. (I mean I will FOREVER be a "Bo and Hope" fan, even though he died on the show recently) and who doesn't love Marlena and Jack/Jennifer Horton??

Yesterday a story came out that the entire cast of Days Of Our Lives had been released from their contract and the show was going on an "indefinite hiatus." This BROKE MY HEART! Thankfully, I've stalked a few cast members online (Hope, and Will Horton LOL!) and they confirmed the show was STILL ON but just taking a break for the holidays, as many of us are!


-Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

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