Seth Rogan & His Wife Have Spent Over 21K On Postmates

Seth Rogan and his wife Lauren Miller say they have no time to cook, which is why they order SO. MUCH. FOOD.

They have spent over $21,000, roughly $4,200 a year. It's all laid out in a new blog on the Postmates website, which breaks down a few of their favorite meals.

Because we don’t usually have time to cook, we order food a lot. The hardest times are when neither of us have a food vision for the night. That’s when someone has to dig deep and find the craving within.

According to the site their most expensive meal was...

...a $276 Sugarfish order made on August 4th, 2017. They ordered:

  • 3 x Albacore Sushi
  • 1 x To-Go Trust Me
  • 1 x “How many people is this order for?”