GOOD NEWS: This Dog Has Learned How To SPEAK!

I am FASCINATED with this story!! Christina, a speech language pathologist in San Diego, was inspired by her work with 1 and 2-year-olds who use adaptive devices to communicate. She also happens to have a super cute 2-month old puppy, Stella, and thought, "what if I could teach this to Stella too?"

AND SHE DID! Christina and her fiance Jake created a button that says "outside" and pressed it every time they said the word or opened the door. After a few weeks, every time she said "outside" Stella would look at the button So then they added MORE words, like "eat", "water", "play" "walk" "no", "come" and "I love you." Check out some of these videos below (especially the first one) where her dog is now speaking in SENTENCES. Nuts!!

Read more about this here.

-Sandy (@SandyStec on IG, FB and Twitter)